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struggles. >> short the aussie dollar, what, long the mexican peso? >> mexico is one of the big winners because they're deliberately raising wages. so low value added chinese manufacturing is nowhere near as competitive in the world as it once was. you see evidence of the u.s. getting some of it back. so mexico sort of had its breakfast, lunch and dinner the past 20 years by china appearing on the scene is probably in the early stages of regaining some of that a. so i think mexico is a big winner. southeast asia, philippines, for example. >> all right. jim, stick around. more to come from you. let's get over to asia and get a wrap of the day over there. >> thanks, ross. asian markets were mostly higher buoyed by improved data in u.s. and europe and also the rba rate cut. surprising move from the central bank helped the australian market end at a five month high. resources and banks enjoyed the rally. the aussie dollar on a one month low on the back of that decision. more companies announced profit warnings as concrete signs of a fwleb al slowdown, but shipping companies rebounded on som
company says production in the gulf of mexico was hit by hurricane isaac and the storm knocked out its refinery in mississippi. chevron says the fire at its refinery in richmond, california, also hurt production, as the processing unit at that facility will be down until the end of the year. chevron will report full reports on november 2nd. you see shares under pressure in frankfurt trade this morning down 1.7%. also taking a look at fedex, which plans to sharply cut costs at its struggling express business. just last month, fedex lowered its 2013 outlook, blaming a shift by consumers to ship items by sea rather than air because of higher jet fuel prices. ceo fred smith says fedex could see the benefits of these latest efforts next year and still plans to increase the company's dividends, perhaps keeping a floor under fedex shares which are down just .6 of a percent. >>> still to come on the show, is appetite from china waning? earnings reports show slowing growth and nature is taking its toll. >> stay tuned. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my ac
debt crisis in greece, mexico and russia. on what needs to be done to clean up the debt mess right here in the u.s. he says it may be the difference between your children hating you or not one day. >> that's a cheery thought. >>> later s your state next to sin? we'll go live to ohio for a look at its dicey solution to fill the big gap in state coffers. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. boproductivity up, costs down, thtime to market reduced... those are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems... ups? ups. not fantasy? who would have thought? i did. we did, bob. we did. got it. like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than ne
another direction here, when you look at recent ipo of a bank in mexico, as an example, you know, i've heard several investors make the argument that citi may not be getting full credit for the assets it holds. are you willing to consider actions to unlock value that may have been off limits by prior management? >> i think that, you know, i'm coming into the job, and what i've said, i'm going to take a look and a fresh assessment of things. i'll look at those things and see what the numbers say and what that means, then we'll make decisions from there. >> okay. okay. last one for me, taking maybe a step back, you know, at a really high level -- and i probably should have started with this one. what do you expect maybe to do differently than prior management? i know you mentioned you're not going to take any dramatic change of strategic direction, but is there going to be a change of focus? is it going to become -- you know, now that the ship feels more righted, that there will be a focus on becoming more of an operator versus, you know, the roll-up that citi had a reputation of? >>
in a growing market. between mexico and brazil, that's almost 60% latin american corrugated business. we've got a strong position in mexico and now we've got the footprint in brazil. >> now, when my dad was selling corrugated paper for international paper, the one thing that we knew was that only wholesalers knew what corrugated paper was. it used to be one of those things where big businesses knew. we all get packages now at home. we come home every night and there's a package from amazon that's in corrugated. everybody ships them because of the internet. how do you think that the holiday season is going to be for international paper, because of all this internet ordering? >> we were talking about that this morning, with, you know, one of the interviews, and when you slice apart our corrugated packaging business, it goes into so many end-use markets. and online retailing la ining l, at this point, it's going to be stronger than last year. because we see some strength in that segment of our corrugated box business as we go into the holidays. >> i know federal express and united parcel talking a
,000 workers, he's actually bringing jobs back from china and mexico, where wages are going up. >> you know, with the currency weaker, with wage rates inflation lower here than the rest of the world, we think the u.s. can be quite competitive. >> what struck me is that the new plants don't hire a lot of people. you talk about hundreds instead of thousands. and i wonder, as you bring in new factories: they are so automated. >> you're going to have fewer people that do any task. in the end, it makes the system more productive and more competitive. but when you walk through mississippi, for every person that was in that plant, there's probably seven or eight in the supply chain. >> a lot of the jobs we saw were $13-an-hour jobs. that's really not the ticket, is it, to a really vibrant middle class. >> we have a range. when we go out and recruit, let's say, hire 1,000 people at between $15 and $17 an hour, we get 50,000 applicants. so i think you've got to start somewhere, but we want to hire more people. >> coming up, going with the market flow. >> 60% of g.e.'s revenues is foreign. >> when i
in the emerging markets in china or south korea or mexico are really helping us to capitalize on what has been a solid trend here in north america. >> one of the big weaknesses in due pot was titanium dioxide, a whitener which has been responsible for 60% of the growth in the last two quarters. you are a buyer of titanium dioxide. i presume that dupont's woes could be good for your company. >> we've experienced quite a bit of inflation over the past two years. and still, year over year in the third quarter here in 2012, the prices for tio 2 in north america are higher than they were a year ago. that trend has changed during 2012. we have seen some declines, prices are still higher than they were last year, but we are finally getting moderation in this chemical commodity that is an important component in our formulations and we think this would be a help for us going forward as we no longer have to engage in these aggressive measures to reduce the impact of this tio2 inflation in our raw material cost picture. >> one last question, when you are doing this deal with georgia gulf, people can tend
of the guests have already told us today on cnbc. >> i'm a big fan of the mexican currency. and mexico the, any kind of slowdown in china will benefit mexico. so definitely look at the mexican peso. it will definitely gain. >> i don't like bunds where they are at the moment. the one trade i'm looking at at the moment, or it's been a theme of me last week, is selling the belly of core europe. so that's selling fich year versus, say, two in ten or three in sevens. and in particular on on the dutch curve, selling the five year and buying the two year. >> more risk factors for the soft commodities and easing what we see easing price pressure from the grain. so we expect grains probably trading lower to end of the year and soft commodities higher in this context. >> okay. plenty to get through this morning. just reminder there's quite a few bleary eyed people in europe because of -- thank you. keep up with the camera switch. we'll be talking about the ryder cup a little bit later apparently. don't know why, but apparently did rather well with a pressure put to retain the trophy. so more on that to c
some kind of closure with its mexico liabilities, then potentially bp is back on a relatively smooth path. having said that, of course it's taken an enormous amount of damage since the gulf of mexico disaster. but, yes, as of today, i think i'd rather be with chevron but i wouldn't give up on bp at all. >> let's move on to the canadian government. the bid for the canadian bid has been watched and we have this report. >> resources nationalism a term typically applied to emerging countries, but after canada blocked the pat troe mass acquisition, many are opening how canada is to foreign investment. also claims to the deal won't bring net benefits to the country. supporters say that the government has been short on the precise reasons as to why they have blocked this deal and they have been short on transparent city. what we know is petro bass has 30 days in which to adjust the terms before a final decision is made. speaking to us here the energy minister was very pragmatic and there were alternative investments that malaysia could pursue. >> if we have an opportunity to i in-vest in ca
deaths have been caused by those guns in the fast and furious debacle. the real losers in this was mexico. it's an incredible story and it gets worse and worse, mr. king is going to join me later. >>> up next, the obama care supreme court? a they are back on the court with blockbuster cases. free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. none of this bernanke stuff, i can't stand it. we'll be right back, more to come. mike rowe here at a ford tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. those little things for you, life's about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil fo
in japan, china, brazil, canada. mexico. and these are doing very well. >> they are indeed. we're in 21 countries and with the exception of a few countries in europe, the rest of the world is actually doing pretty well. including some of the places in europe and northern europe, the u.k., turning the corner. so southern europe has still got a ways to go. i would say the world after three or four years of being very soft in our business has really firmed up and is doing quite well. >> okay. how do you deal with the perception of the gloom and doom? in other words, if someone were to turn you on and say this man obviously has no real exposure to these economies, he would know better than you, but no one has the exposure you have. >> this is not new news, the fact that europe is in trouble is not new news. that has been more than adequately reflected in our valuation. in fact, i did the math at one point. i thought it was 3x the real impact on us. so i think that's the old news. i think the new news is that after four years of virtually no construction, these markets are getting back into
to nevada -- would it be worth it? in mexico, a ton of gold mines that were closed because gold was $200. if we get to $2,000, will lots of mines open? >> the expiration right now, the gold mines are much lower grade gold mines, you have to build much bigger mines, they are more complicated to build, and they are not economic to build. there is lots of gold to be found in nevada, but every time they find it, it looks like an uneconomic gold mine. even if it is, it will take ten years to permit it in nevada. >> i think you have that great niche. so glad you watch the show and came on, these are the kinds of companies that need to be bought, if you don't want to own the gld. i don't want the individual risk of the gold you deal with. thank you to sandstorm gold. it had a big run since last friday. if you like gold, sandstorm goes higher. >>> coming up, smart speculation. as science and technology converge, ground-breaking developments in medicine continue to emerge. cramer is focusing in on one biotech that could be on the merge of a major move. >>> remember that therapeutics, the tiny bio
mexico, as well as florida. we now have to see gin the smift in polls whether he can continue to remain on top and it sets up the vice presidential debate on thursday between paul ryan and vice president joe biden, larry. >> all right. i'm looking for some rock 'n roll in that debate, john. >> you'll get it. >> many thanks to john harwood. let's get right to the distinguished panel. former assistant secretary of defense larry corps who worked in the reagan administration and richard williamson who is a senior romney foreign policy adviser. welcome, gentlemen. ambassador williams, i read the speech and tried to read it carefully. mitt romney is very critical of how president obama handled the benghazi killings and so forth and security risks. i want to ask you though specifically. in your judgment does mr. romney believe there was a cover-up going on in the white house when they put out susan rice, they already knew it wasn't the video. it was actually the al qaeda terrorists and others related to it that? will romney in the debate next week talk about a benghazi security cover-up regard
footprint. but our core markets which are texas, oklahoma, new mexico and louisiana have fabulous demographics and they are very, very large. our territory is as big as boston to new orleans. it's a lanch territory. huge growth. we see the opportunity to build a larger, stronger business continuing in our trends in the coming years. >> we have seen circle k, others in the business. why have they not done mlp similar to this. we don't have a lot without a lot of risk. >> i think that we are the first to take advantage of the mlp structure inside the fuel distribution side of the business. but there are other companies, i think, that study it hard. there may be other names that come to market. >> we are very interested in natural gas, texas, oklahoma. huge amount of natural gas. would you ever see that stripes would ever have compressed natural gas pumps? >> jim, i think we will have a couple of sites in test mode in the next six months. >> really? >> we are looking at partnering with major oil producers in the permean and eagleford shale play which are big markets for us. important
. >> on earnings and revenues sending citi shares higher. u.s. mortgage business and lending mexico helped boost results. >> microsoft's back in the music business unveiling a service that could compete with the likes of pandora and itunes. we have an exclusive with the head of their interactive entertainment straight ahead. softbank to buy 70% of sprint for $20 billion marking the largest ever foreign acquisition by a japanese company bringing together the third biggest mobile carriers of japan and the united states. it was said, i'm a man and every man wants to be number one, not number two or number three. masayoshi son. >> audacious two. one assumes he is rational as well. usually only rational people have that access to -- >> godzilla-like approach and looked like mothra. >> you know, it is a large deal. no way around that and, of course, somewhat complex try to break it down for you if you're a sprint shareholder you'll have the opportunity to ee will exto get either 730 in cash and/or own 30% of newco, new sprint and it will probably end up splitting 55/45. for 55% of your holdings so 730
was real. net interest margin call you talked about yesterday in mexico. great quote. these are things that pandit, those are his initiatives. look, can i just throw my hand up and say this is a real stunner. this is true drama. >> he don't see it. the story itself will have some real drama as well once we find out what really happened. >> there was a tremendous antipathy. geithner did not. my understanding is during the crisis geithner wanted city group to merge with wachovia to create a stronger bank. wells ended up with wachovia. there was a lot of tension. what i thought was so significant it was over. now goldman, it was over. they got through the crises. citi had put -- >> listen, we'll hear lots of spec and i'll start speculating. there's been talk, libor investigation. i've been getting a lot of questions about that. it's a fair point at least. have no idea whether there's anything. my sense is probably not. you don't know. again, to come back to the big things. usually you leave at the end. year if you would do it. you have some sort of transition. no doubt this was forced in
think you will see a decline. not in time for election. >> also, mexico, remember, just near the u.s. border has announced it's opening refineries. there's been so much pressure, increasing refinery pressure in the u.s. hasn't been able to happen but if you have that capacity coming online in mexico or that region, it will be another source of downward pressure on prices. >> we've become -- untold story. one candidate, wake up, huge exporter of refined products. this is a disaster because we have jones act doesn't let us take ships up to the east. we don't have the pipeline capacity. so we're shipping frantically refined product. >> that's one of the reasons the consumer here in the u.s. hasn't seen so much relief. so much of the product is being exported. it's interesting the way consumer sentiment held up, despite the fact gasoline has been making new monthly fresh highs. if that continues going into the holiday season, you see the forecast going up 4%, they don't look too stretched. >> we talk about the refi, quote/unquote, boone in this country. >> those stocks have held up, ex
as they talked about their expansion plans, especially into mexico. it's already been well established that hewlett packard, by far, is the worst component today. the other drag, as i mentioned, was oil. here's the contract in new york. now down 4%. after this market closed, the trading continued lower. we're even below that $94 mark that the sector. telecom, what else? that's the best performing sector in the s&p today. that's been the case a lot lately. consumer discretionary, financials still up there. some of the safe havens like health care and utilities also on that list. bottom five today shows how weak energy was. down a percent as a group today. materials also lower. i want to show you this chart. this is from spoke investment group. since the market peaked in mid-september, they took a look at market trading in the s&p on an hour-by-hour basis. this is a typical trading chart since mid-september on a daily basis. we've had a little stutter step in the morning. then you get a small rally, sideways action, then the real selloff comes in the hour. their conclusion is that the so
and the impact that may have. gas so expensive in california this week people have been driving to mexico to fuel up. maria, talk about making a run for the border. back to you. >> jane, thank you so much. >> that's back to you. i'm done. >> i know you're done. what i want to see is if some of these expenses in terms of higher food cost is going to show up in these numbers. >> they're going to talk about it more into 2013 because what you're seeing in the short term is these high food costs means that a lot of protein, a lot of meat is being slaughtered early. you won't have the high meat cost now. you will next year. 2013 when to look for that. >> we'll keep looking. jane, thanks so much. see you later. a fresh batch of key earnings and economic reports could move your money first thing in the morning. keep it here. we're going to talk to three of wall street's best economic analysts and how >>> welcome back. 30 seconds on the clock. our next guests are ready to tell us what they think will move their money. paul, we begin with you. what are you looking at tomorrow? >> we have international mark
of the world. the ones like mexico and latin america are tied more directly to the united states. >> so you must believe that they're going to fix the fiscal cliff if you think things will be better next year. >> well, we think they'll muddle through eventually. our best guess is they'll kick the can down the road between now and the new congress and administration and the pressure will be on that at some point they'll work things out. hopefully in a fairly reasonable manner. i mean, it's another two years for the next election and four years until the next presidential election. so maybe they've got a little incentive to sit down and talk now. >> yeah, wouldn't that be nice? >> from your mouth to god's ears. >> jim bianco, what are you looking at right now ? what are you buying? >> i'm really looking at the election. i think this market has been all about monetary stimulus for the last two years. the rally we've had since june has been about qe-3. the concern we've had in the last few weeks other than earnings has been a romney presidency, means bernanke gets replaced. that's what's drivin
fargo, pandit observing continued growth in latin america, namely mexico. asia though slowing remains active. >>> to the economy now. u.s. retail sales getting a boost last month thanks to auto sales and higher gas prices. sales overall up 1.1% and that topped estimates. this comes on the back of a new report saying that sales growth in the global luxury market will slow down this year. courtney reagan is on the retail beat. courtney? >> consumer spending is 70% of u.s. gdp and the luxury good segment is projected to continue to grow, albeit at a lower space. it is the third straight double digit increase for luxury goods though the rate of growth has slowed for that time period. accessories are winning increased consumer attention around the world and for the first time leather goods and shoes hold the largest percentage of the luxury market. one of the companies benefiting lbmh reporting record revenues for the first nine months of 2012. the wolrld's leading luxury company remains confident in its outlook. while europe is still the region drawing the highest revenue for luxury, acco
such as brazil, south africa, turkey and mexico which offer several hundred basis points, near 500 basis points more than you get in a 10-year bond in the united states, for example. >> some good advice. thank you, sara. nice to see you again. sara zervos with oppenheimer funds. >>> let's recap some of the big headlines driving today's session. united health group buying about 90% of a brazilian health benefits and care provide are fore4.9 billion. shares of the u.s. largest health care insurer right now just a bit to the up side. 0.75%. >>> gm is down. they say they'll create 1,500 jobs at a new software development center in michigan. shares of the automaker down slightly. >>> finally, significant delays for passengers flying alaska airlines. a computer problem leaving the airline unable vo collection in passengers starting this morning around 7:40 a.m. shares of their parent company you see to the up side 1.33%. >>> we know about vanity license plates, but vanity cell phone numbers? what would your number be? we'll talk about that coming up. >>> plus, a growing number of debt stricken state
like mexico, as well. so he has a trade on of short u.s. dollar, long mexico peso. back to you. >> all right, ross. stay tuned. 6:45. is it five hours -- i don't know. all right. >> half an hour. >> yeah, it's in a half hour. but don't you have to add five hours to that? no? coming up, take's weath etoday' of forecast and our squawk sports report. in person early voting begins today, but you tonight hayou do to prove it's you. who would ask for an i.d.? that's ridiculous. ohio joins 30 other states. and john harwood joins us to talk 308 ticks next. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. zagat just gave hertz its top rating in 15 categories, including best overall car rental. so elevate your next car rental experience with the best. it's just another way you'll be tra
in the gulf of mexico. they have narrowed down the talks to three possible buyers. here's a look at their shares, currently up 16%, versus an overall performance years to date of just over 4%. >>> it's a busy week in the u.s. ipo market with six deals set to price. three companies will make their debut today. life lock, which provides identity theft protection, is priced at $9 a share, that's below the expected range. it will trade under the ticker lock. javelin at $20 a range. the real estate investment trust will trade under the nyc under the ticker jmi. as for the third one, a british maker is priced at $10 a share, below the expected range. it will trade under the symbol lxfr. so three newbies to take a look out for today. >>> best buy founder richard schultz is pushing ahead with his possible $11 buyout. reuters reports he and at least four private equity firms including apollo and tpg have started examining the company's books. schultz is also reportedly discussing what role he would have after a buyout. an offer probably won't come before mid november. and a look at best b
, clearly a lot of questions still about the bribery scandal in mexico, to be answered. courtney reagan is at the walmart shareholder meeting with the latest. >> hi, simon. i'm here in englewood cliffs. when the bribery allegations surfaced in april walmart said it would have an update on the investigation in roughly six months. it's roughly six months, no updates so far from today's investor meeting. walmart's ceo mike duke says the additional store approval steps are now in place in mexico, duke hinted walmart will reveal ways it plans to increase its capex discipline like it has with merchandising expense. it takes a direct hit on dollar general and general grocer competitors encouraging consumers to bring in their receipts and compare prices. mcduton noticed back-to-school was strong and sees it continuing for the holidays. walmart is doubling its ipad orders for the whole day season and focusing on social media engagement projecting three times as many impressions this year, 100 twitter elves will be helping to suggest gifts and provide customer service. walmart u.s. ceo bill simon
which is some fa feat in the mexico desert. >> it was a listening flight. that's what would have freaked me out the most. take a look at these pictures and we'll be right back. >>> softbank buying sprint next it tell. >> and ceo says the company needs to break out of an aging japan, but admits the deal is a risk and will be a challenge. >>> chinese inflation has left the door open for more easing but trade data might offset some pressure for more stimulus. >> and the uk bank comes under pressure to secure a buyer for 316 of its branches. rumors swirling christopher flowers and richard branson could be bidding. >> european stocks are higher this morning. ftse up up about a third. ibex up three quarters. >> take a look at the bochbd space. ita italy, 4.96% bunds and gilts haven't moved much.bochbd space. italy, 4.96% bunds and gilts haven't moved much.ondbochbd space. italy, 4.96% bunds and gilts haven't moved much. space. italy, 4.96% bunds and gilts haven't moved much. >> euro-dollar inching a little higher this morning. what isn't on there is the aussie dollar which did spike up after t
, opec, a lot of other commercial relationships. >> latin america was a standout, it was mexico. tremendous growth in latin america. this guy put together an amazing team in asia, too. i mean i don't know. look, we got to figure out -- >> you're making money in asia, jimmy, really, come on. they've been trying to make money in asia for 100 years. >> it's hard to hear over two years. >> put us on set sometime, we'll have a good time. >> kayla tausche? >> i think i share in the sentiment that this is a complete surprise to many people. you saw citi's shares rise 5% on yesterday's earnings, and the sents that i sense i'm getting from insiderless at citi, the executives thought the numbers were good but didn't know how good the market would perceive them until they saw the stock jump. the shares pulled back 2% today so you're not giving up the losses but there is the complete shock here. >> i don't understand why you would do it in this manner. >> i think that's the big question. you had a perfect opportunity with everyone on the line yesterday to ask the questions that everyone is
and the coast guard say a sheen on the gulf of mexico isn't from the sealed mccondo well which was the site of the 2010 oil spill. they say it's likely from oil seeking out of a piece of discarded equipment that tried to fail to continue the spill. relief well isn't leaking either. it's the third time since 2010 that bp has confirmed the mccondo well isn't leaking. >>> and president obama and mitt romney will face off yet once more debate style on monday. but the two were in the same room thursday night for the annual al smith charity dinner, a traditional appearance for politicians during election season. dressed in their white tie best, they greeted each other warmly, traded jokes and yet took a couple digs at each other's expense. >> this is the third time that governor romney and i have met recently. as you may have noticed, i had a lot more energy in our second debate, i felt well rested after the nice nap i had in the first debate. >> i'm glad to be able to join in this venerable from a decision. of course i'm pleased that the president's here. we were chatting pleasantly this evening
a lot of attention. and in latin america, colombia, peru, mexico, i think people are really looking for potential investments in these markets. the pricing isn't as high. >> must be a bit cautious. what we do right now is we pick up solid companies, which we also intend to hold for a longer time and i think there is still plenty of opportunities around. >> just getting a report here from reuters, which suggests that eu antitrust regulators are set to charge microsoft today for breaching a 2009 ruling, which ordered it to offer a choice of web browsers to consumers. it could be the first step in what might be a possible hefty fine. so this is coming out of reuters this morning. the eu regulators may well charge microsoft over the browser choice. microsoft is expected tomorrow to launch its new windows 8 and a new tablet as well will start being sold. also got germany just coming out with some auction results. they've sold their ten-year to the bund average yield, 1.56% higher than september. that is the highest yield at auction for a ten-year since april, despite the fact that we hav
an incredible package deals on going down to mexico in order to give consumers that little incentive to book. >> have you seen consumers like the other day we had a restaurant ceo say that he's been noticing consumers come in and not get the coke for instance as a result of pressure on consumer spending. our travelers still booking the package, hotel but minus the rental car, minus the airplane? just two legs of that stool. >> we're seeing a couple things. one is we see length of stays shorten a bit. instead of going seven days, may go six days, right. another thing that we're seeing is consumers average daily rights are coming down and for example we are seeing our package business at expedia increase because with packages for example hotels give special rates that aren't available on a stand alone basis. consumers are definitely look g ing for that extra dollar and are being aggressive about it. >> if google becomes an online travel agency and i heard that apple developed an itravel application, how do you respond to that? how do you stay ahead and ensure that your business and ot
as immigrants. my dad born in mexico of american parents. ann's dad born in wales and a first generation immigrant. i want our legal system to work better, streamlined, i want it to be clearer. i don't think you -- you shouldn't have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get in this country legally. we should give visas to people, green cards, to people that graduate with skills we need. people around the world with accredited degrees in science and math, get a green card stapled to their diploma. make sure our legal system works. we have to stop illegal immigration. 4 million waiting in line to get here legally. those who come here illegally will take their place. i will not grant amnesty. i will put in place an employment verification system and employers who have hired illegally are sanctioned for doing so. i won't put in place magnets for people coming here illegally. i would not give driver's licenses to those who have come here legally as the president would. the kids of those that came here illegally, those kids i think should have a pathway to become a permanent resident of the u
about world war ii bombs that hold drillers at risk in the gulf of mexico. so many things to watch out for in this world. >> i remember a long time ago about the switches in puerto rico and the navy was shelling it. no offense to the navy, that is where you train. now it's like a great w. people love the w. star was downgraded today by someone. that's a misplaced downgrade. >> we'll get to more names after the bell. when we come back, the ceo of citi mortgage gets put on the hot seat. we'll find out what he has to say. >>> and automakers due out with september reports. will we see good news or car trouble? >>> then tim cook's leadership ability at apple. would jobs have given him a thumbs-up or thumbs-down? the opening bell is next. we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great
. interesting countries. actually, this is alphabetical order, they point out. brazil, india, indonesia, mexico and u.s. and as of that week, they have 600 million mobile users. and apparently that's what he emphasized in his exclusive with nbc. >> this is a stock, unlike ms. whitman's stock, where every time someone speaks from facebook, whether it be sherrill, he comes on the "today" show and he gives it a bump. this guy makes a case for anytime anyone's on facebook, they're basically saying listen, forget the past. we've got a mobile strategy which i think august was good for them. i'm getting a feeling that september was good. i think their ability to go out and tell the story ahead of the lockup is a little dicey because you've got this big lockup expiration. >> sure. >> but i do marvel about 1 billion users, and i do think that, you know, i don't want to necessarily buy oxygen because there's, what, 7 billion users of oxygen, but this company does have -- >> interesting that facebook's argument pivots around the number of people who use their product. whitman's argument centers around the
for a world record, he's attempting a 23 mile sky dive free falling over new mexico. the expectation is that he could break the sound barrier. who knows what happens when you do that. this was an earlier jump back in march, but today's the day. >>> welcome back. take a look at u.s. equity futures. we have some red arrows. dow would be off about 20 points. s&p 500 off, as well, as would the nasdaq. some of the headlines outside the world of business. jerry sandusky will be sentenced today from his jail cell, he practice a surprise plea proclaiming his innocence. it aired on penn state radio last night. he was convicted of abusing ten boys over 15 years. the former penn state assistant football coach offered no apologies, only a vow to fight whatever sentence he receives. in other news, there are more cases and more deaths caused by the meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid injections. the center for disease control and prevention says the number of confirmed infections is now up to 105 in nine different states. the death toll is now eight. really terrifying. >> they need stric
business model. >> they do say there were some issues in china and mexico because of refranchising that the net revenue there declined 17% but they say because of beverage refranchising. >>> the second of three presidential debates, nothing like the first. president obama and mitt romney going toe-to-toe over jobs, energy, and taxes, which at times turned into angry cross talk. >> in the last four years, you cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half. >> not true, governor romney. >> by how much did you cut them by, then? >> we have actually produced more oil. >> no, you didn't. >> yes, you did. >> i should have said, oh, really, yes, you did, infinity plus one is what i always come back with. they've got no response to infinity plus one. >> it happens with us a lot, doesn't it? >> it does. >> that usually gets them. but watching that, i don't know, there's a -- what is it when something gets too big and it's -- the returns start becoming hard to -- >> diminishing returns. >> was there diminishing returns last night with all of the arguing back and forth wi
are under a lot of pressure. and so there may be other winners from that so i find myself thinking mexico. big winner from the new china. australia a bit of a loser. but i think from some of our guest speakers which you are interviewing later, it would seem to me a fantastic time to be a genuine chinese stock picker. by that i mean stocks other parts in the world that may be a good way to play the new china. i call it apple versus caterpillar. not obvious to me caterpillar is a big winner as it has been in the past whereas consumer names in the u.s., big winners. >> the message here is going to be to find specific stocks in china to be opportunistic. let's go to the u.s. you hinted on that. i know you have been down in d.c. for the last 24 hours. just got up here. not so optimistic in terms of the u.s. it sounds over the last 24 hours. >> i have been very optimistic relative to most of the people about the u.s. this year. i've been a business dismissive of the election and fiscal cliff as being that bigger issue. i'm hoping it's just the fact i've before in d.c. for 24 hours and after the
. he's done a terrific job running that company. it's a huge distribution machine. and mexico, i think the number now is up to over 600 plus 8-ounce servings per capita of coca-cola products, man, woman, and child, which is at least 50% higher in the united states. and grows every year, growing in the first nine months, it's quite a product. >> we still have a lot of your other investments to talk about, including american express, proctor and gamble, we'll get to that in a little bit. if you'll hold on with us. >> i'm not going anywhere. >>> still to come this morning, we have much more with warren. also talking about everything from fiscal cliff to simpson/bowles. we're going to be adding the man who runs one of the nation's biggest conglomerates. what jeff immelt is finding out from customers about the state of the economy. >>> by the way, check out the futures right now. we have been higher throughout the morning. right now those dow futures up 42 points after a big down day for the markets yesterday. "squawk" will be back after a quick break. at optionsxpress we're all about optio
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